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class %ZEN.Report.Display.parameter extends %ZEN.Report.Display.common

Defines a parameter value for use by ReportDisplay tables

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property expression as %ZEN.Datatype.expression;
Optional ObjectScript expression that can either be applied to the value of this item (supplied as %val), or to provide an arbitrary value for this item.
For example:
Property methods: expressionDisplayToLogical(), expressionGet(), expressionIsValid(), expressionLogicalToDisplay(), expressionLogicalToOdbc(), expressionNormalize(), expressionSet()
property fieldname as %ZEN.Datatype.classMember (MEMBERTYPE = "SQLCOLUMN");
Name of field (column) in the current query that will supply the value for this item.
Property methods: fieldnameDisplayToLogical(), fieldnameGet(), fieldnameIsValid(), fieldnameLogicalToDisplay(), fieldnameLogicalToOdbc(), fieldnameNormalize(), fieldnameSet()
property fieldnum as %ZEN.Datatype.integer;
Alternatively to fieldname the number of field (column) in the current query that will supply the value for this item.
Property methods: fieldnumDisplayToLogical(), fieldnumGet(), fieldnumIsValid(), fieldnumLogicalToDisplay(), fieldnumLogicalToOdbc(), fieldnumNormalize(), fieldnumSet()
property value as %ZEN.Datatype.string;
Literal value used for a parameter value.
This is used if fieldname is not defined.
Property methods: valueDisplayToLogical(), valueGet(), valueIsValid(), valueLogicalToDisplay(), valueLogicalToOdbc(), valueNormalize(), valueSet()

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