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class SYS.Stats.Manager extends %Library.RegisteredObject, %XML.Adaptor

Methods for controlling and exporting the system metrics as a group.

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classmethod ExportXML(FileName As %String = "CacheMetrics.xml") as %Status
Export all current values for SYS.Stats Classes as an XML file.
classmethod Job(File As %String, Interval As %Integer) as %String
Start a background job to export XML metrics periodically. Calls SYS.Stats.Manager.Server() as job entry point. Returned value is ID of child process if successful, or "0" if not.
classmethod Server(File As %String, Interval As %Integer = 300) as %Status
Entry point for background job. Call ExportXML() in a loop, writing to file at specifed interval (in seconds).
classmethod StopJob() as %Status
Stop the background XML Export job.

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