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abstract class %CSP.UI.Portal.SQL.Utils extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Utilities used by Management Portal SQL.

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parameter DOMAIN = %Utility;


classmethod DrawMessages(pPtr As %Integer = 1, pDrawTab As %Boolean, ByRef pMessages As %String(MAXLEN=""))
Messages passed in should already been HTML escaped.
classmethod DrawOutputColumns(pPtr As %Integer = 0, pResult As %SQL.StatementResult, pDrawTab As %Boolean, ByRef pMessages As %String(MAXLEN=""))
classmethod DrawResult(pResult As %SQL.StatementResult, pDrawTab As %Boolean = 0, pShowRowNum As %Boolean)
***** The following methods are used to draw query results. Multiple resultsets and call statements are handled. ***** ***** The caller should have already obtained a SQL statement result using SQLExecuteQuery in this class. ***** ***** See method DrawHTML in %CSP.UI.Portal.SQL.Home and %CSP.UI.Portal.SQL.PrintQuery ***** DrawResult will draw all of the result information returned in the statement result object.
classmethod DrawResultSet(pPtr As %Integer, pResult As %SQL.StatementResult, pDrawTab As %Boolean, pShowRowNum As %Boolean, ByRef pMessages As %String(MAXLEN=""))
Draw html for one resultset.
classmethod DrawTabBox(tabClass As %String, tabCaption As %String, tabIndex As %Integer, totalTabs As %Integer)
Draws each tab in tab group button
classmethod DrawTabs(totalResultsets, pOutputValues As %Integer = 0)
Control method to draw tab group. This is only used on the SQL Home page for Execute Query tab.
classmethod GetError(pResult As %SQL.StatementResult, ByRef pMessages As %String(MAXLEN=""))
GetError will return the HTML for an invalid SQLCODE.
classmethod GetQueryParameters(pText As %String(MAXLEN=""), pRuntimeMode As %Integer = 2, pDialect As %String = "Cache", pObjectSelectMode As %Boolean = 0, ByRef tPromptCount As %Integer) as %String
Method to return number of parameters that user needs to provide for input in order to execute the query. Return number of Parameters within query text. 0 means none.
classmethod GetViewInfo2(Schema As %String, ViewName As %String, Output Owner As %String, Output ReadOnly As %Boolean, Output CheckOption As %String) as %Status
Given schema name and view name, return view info
classmethod LoadSchemas(pWizard, pDSN, pTableType, pSchemaFilter) as %String
***** End of Group Methods for DrawResult ***** List schemas based on cache gateway connection - you must have a DSN (Cache configuration name) passed in. This method is Jobbed from the wizard page.
classmethod LoadTables(pWizard, pDSN, pSchema, pTableType, pFilter) as %String
classmethod ReverseSchema(schema) as %String
classmethod SQLExecuteQuery(pText As %String(MAXLEN=""), ByRef pClassName As %String, pRuntimeMode As %Integer = 2, pDialect As %String = "Cache", pObjectSelectMode As %Boolean = 0, %caller As %String = "", ByRef tGlobals, ByRef tLines, ByRef tDiskRead, ByRef StatementType As %Integer = 0) as %String
Method to return SQL statement object and class name. Called by multiple SQL UI pages. When %caller is passed in as "SMP" then the system will prevent the DDL API from checking the DDLAllowed flag for the class (used by modifying view)

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