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class %Exception.StatusException extends %Exception.AbstractException

Class to hold %Status style exceptions
If you wish to create one with %New then the 4th argument is a $lb of data values to the error %Status, e.g.
Set exception=##class(%Exception.StatusException).%New(Name,Code,Location,$lb(arg1,arg2,arg3,arg4))

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property NextException as %CacheString;
Container for additional exceptions in the %Status value


classmethod CreateFromStatus(pSC As %Status) as %Exception.AbstractException
Convert a %Status into an exception
method DisplayString(pLevel As %Integer = 0) as %String
This returns a string that represents the exception. Users should feel free to modify the format in subclasses
method OnAsSQLMessage() as %String
Inherited description: Override this method to provide a custom conversion of an exception to the SQL %msg string.
method SQLMessageString(pLevel As %Integer = 0)
This returns a string that represents the SQL %msg string. Users should feel free to modify the format and content in subclasses DEPRECATED - use AsSQLMessage() instead. Override OnAsSQLMessage() to customize the value returned by AsSQLMessage().
classmethod ThrowIfInterrupt(sc As %Status)

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