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abstract class %IO.I.TranslationDevice extends %IO.IParts.CharacterIO

This class is intended as a secondary superclass for those Stream classes that are implemented using Cache devices and thus support the use of a Cache Translation Table for character set conversion on input, on output, or both. It contains a property TranslationTable that names the translation table to be used, if any. It also implements a number of classmethods to support the use of a Translation Table. This class also extends the class ILineStream which facilitates line-by-line Read and Write operations.

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property IsSingleByte as %Boolean;
Does the TranslationTable currently in effect represent a single-byte encoding.
Property methods: IsSingleByteDisplayToLogical(), IsSingleByteGet(), IsSingleByteIsValid(), IsSingleByteLogicalToDisplay(), IsSingleByteNormalize(), IsSingleByteSet()
property TranslationTable as %String;
The name of the TranslationTable in effect for the Stream's device.
Property methods: TranslationTableDisplayToLogical(), TranslationTableGet(), TranslationTableIsValid(), TranslationTableLogicalToDisplay(), TranslationTableLogicalToOdbc(), TranslationTableNormalize()


classmethod GetCharEncodingTable(pCharEncoding As %String) as %String
classmethod GetDeviceLineTerminator(pDevice As %String) as %String
classmethod GetDeviceTranslationTable(pDevice As %String) as %String
classmethod GetLocaleDefaultTable() as %String
classmethod GetTableCharEncoding(pTable As %String) as %String
classmethod IsLocaleUnicode() as %Boolean
classmethod IsTableSingleByte(pTable As %String) as %String
method SetCharEncodingTable(pCharEncoding As %String, pCharEncodingAlias As %String) as %Status
Set translation table based on character encoding
classmethod SetDeviceLineTerminator(pDevice As %String, pLineTerm As %String, Output pSC As %Status)
classmethod SetDeviceTranslationTable(pDevice As %String, pTable As %String, Output pSC As %Status) as %String
method SetTranslationTable(pTable As %String) as %Status
method TranslationTableSet(pTable As %String) as %Status

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