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class %IO.NullStream extends %IO.I.ByteSeekableStream

Read returns nothing, Write does nothing

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method AtEndGet() as %Boolean
method IsOpenGet() as %Boolean
method Read(pMaxReadLen As %Integer, ByRef pTimeout As %Numeric = -1, Output pSC As %Status) as %String
Inherited description: Read until pMaxReadLen chars are gotten or pTimeout expires On return, if pTimeout is unchanged it means the full timeout period expired. If the timeout period expired and the returned string is shorter than pMaxReadLen, then AtEnd will be 1.
method Seek(pPosition As %Integer, Output pSC As %Status) as %Boolean
method Write(pData As %String = "", pFlush As %Boolean, Output pSC As %Status)
Inherited description: Write pData to the stream buffer. If pFlush is True, ensure that the data are actually sent to the stream.

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