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persistent class %TSQL.sys.types extends %Library.Persistent

SQL Table Name: %TSQL_sys.types

Contains one row for each system-supplied and each user-defined data type.

Property Inventory


property length as %Integer [ Transient ];
Physical length of data type
Property methods: lengthCompute(), lengthDisplayToLogical(), lengthGet(), lengthIsValid(), lengthLogicalToDisplay(), lengthNormalize(), lengthSQLCompute(), lengthSet(), lengthSetT()
property name as %String (MAXLEN = 60) [ Required ];
Data type name.
Property methods: nameDisplayToLogical(), nameGet(), nameIsValid(), nameLogicalToDisplay(), nameLogicalToOdbc(), nameNormalize(), nameSet()
property usertype as %String (MAXLEN = 50) [ Transient ];
User type ID In Sybase this is a SMALLINT, but we'll have it a string because we do not have unique ID numbers for our types and classes.
Property methods: usertypeCompute(), usertypeDisplayToLogical(), usertypeGet(), usertypeIsValid(), usertypeLogicalToDisplay(), usertypeLogicalToOdbc(), usertypeNormalize(), usertypeSQLCompute(), usertypeSet(), usertypeSetT()


index (nameIDKey on name) [IdKey, Type = key, Unique];
Index methods: nameIDKeyCheck(), nameIDKeyDelete(), nameIDKeyExists(), nameIDKeyOpen(), nameIDKeySQLCheckUnique(), nameIDKeySQLExists(), nameIDKeySQLFindPKeyByConstraint(), nameIDKeySQLFindRowIDByConstraint()

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Storage Model: CacheSQLStorage

Maps: 1

  • Map number 1 is named Master

    thismap.Global: ^oddDEF

  • ^oddDEF({name})
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