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datatype class SYS.DataCheck.LocalDatabase extends %Library.String


A local database specification. It takes one of the following forms
  • A physical path local to this system
  • Mirror Database Name of the form :mirror:mirrorname:mirrorDBname for mirror-based DataCheck.
  • Method Inventory


    parameter COLLATION = EXACT;
    Inherited description: The default collation value used for this data type. Note that if you specify a truncation length and also a VALUELIST then your truncation length must be longer or equal to your longest VALUELIST value


    classmethod IsValid(%val As %CacheString) as %Status
    Inherited description: Tests if the logical value %val, which is a string, is valid. The validation is based on the class parameter settings used for the class attribute this data type is associated with. In this case, MINLEN, MAXLEN, VALUELIST, and PATTERN.

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