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class %ZEN.Report.Display.COSChart.extent extends %Library.RegisteredObject

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Properties (Including Private)

property h as %Double;
Property methods: hDisplayToLogical(), hGet(), hIsValid(), hLogicalToDisplay(), hNormalize(), hOdbcToLogical(), hSet()
property maxX as %Double;
Property methods: maxXDisplayToLogical(), maxXGet(), maxXIsValid(), maxXLogicalToDisplay(), maxXNormalize(), maxXOdbcToLogical(), maxXSet()
property maxY as %Double;
Property methods: maxYDisplayToLogical(), maxYGet(), maxYIsValid(), maxYLogicalToDisplay(), maxYNormalize(), maxYOdbcToLogical(), maxYSet()
property minX as %Double;
Property methods: minXDisplayToLogical(), minXGet(), minXIsValid(), minXLogicalToDisplay(), minXNormalize(), minXOdbcToLogical(), minXSet()
property minY as %Double;
Property methods: minYDisplayToLogical(), minYGet(), minYIsValid(), minYLogicalToDisplay(), minYNormalize(), minYOdbcToLogical(), minYSet()
property w as %Double;
Property methods: wDisplayToLogical(), wGet(), wIsValid(), wLogicalToDisplay(), wNormalize(), wOdbcToLogical(), wSet()

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