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class Demo.SAP.Production.BootStrap extends Ens.Production

This production enables the customer to bootstrap the SAPJCO facility by providing a JavaGateway which enables importation and proxy generation for the Java Classes which enable the connectivity. These production settings must be configured before starting the production:- 'JavaHome' is the path to the local java installation 'ClassPath' is the java class path which must include the path to the sapjco3.jar file. (Note: sapjco3.jar is provided by SAP, ISC does not re-distribute this file and supporting libraries so must be sourced independently) Once the production is started, the class method ##class(EnsLib.SAP.BootStrap).ImportSAP() must be called at a terminal prompt in the namespace where the production is running. The method will utilize the JavaGateway to import the Java Classes and generate the JavaGateway proxies which provide the SAP connectivity. TODO: Remove the JavaHome and ClassPath settings from the production before release

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