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class Demo.SAP.Production.Minimal extends Ens.Production

This production demonstrates a minimal configuration of JavaGateway and the SAPJCO operation These production settings must be configured before starting the production:- 'JavaHome' is the path to the local java installation 'ClassPath' is the java class path which must include the path to the sapjco3.jar file. 'JavaGatewayConfigItemName' is the name of the configuration item within THIS production which defines the JavaGateway instance to be used to communicate with SAP. The operation will access this configured item to determine the JavaGateWay Host Address and Port. 'SAPHost' is the TCP address of the host system which houses the SAP implementation 'SAPClient' is the SAP assigned client identifier (See SAP JCO documentation) 'SAPLanguage' is the 2 character language identifer used by SAP (See SAP JCO documentation) 'SAPSystemNumber' is the SAP assigned system identifier (See SAP JCO documentation) 'SAPCredentials' is the name of credentials (configured in the EMP, Ensemble->Configure->Credentials). These include the user name and password which will provided to the SAP instance. For our demo instance these are: SAPUser -> MMSAP,MINISAP TODO: Remove the settings from the production before release

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