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persistent class Demo.Workflow.ProblemReport extends Ens.Request

SQL Table Name: Demo_Workflow.ProblemReport

This is a ProblemReport message. It is used by the Workflow demo to represent a technical problem submitted by a customer.

Property Inventory


property Problem as %String (MAXLEN = 200);
Description of the problem.
Property methods: ProblemDisplayToLogical(), ProblemGet(), ProblemGetStored(), ProblemIsValid(), ProblemLogicalToDisplay(), ProblemLogicalToOdbc(), ProblemNormalize(), ProblemSet()
property ReportedBy as %String (MAXLEN = 60);
Name of customer reporting the problem.
Property methods: ReportedByDisplayToLogical(), ReportedByGet(), ReportedByGetStored(), ReportedByIsValid(), ReportedByLogicalToDisplay(), ReportedByLogicalToOdbc(), ReportedByNormalize(), ReportedBySet()

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Storage Model: CacheStorage (Ens.MessageBody)


Storage Model: CacheStorage (Demo.Workflow.ProblemReport)

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