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class Demo.Workflow.WFMetric extends Ens.BusinessMetric

Sample business metric class for Workflow demo

Property Inventory

Method Inventory


property ActiveTasks as Ens.DataType.Metric (AUTOHISTORY = 10, RANGELOWER = 0, RANGEUPPER = 50, UNITS = "Tasks") [ MultiDimensional ];
Active Tasks
Property methods: ActiveTasksDisplayToLogical(), ActiveTasksGet(), ActiveTasksIsValid(), ActiveTasksLink(), ActiveTasksLogicalToDisplay(), ActiveTasksNormalize(), ActiveTasksPoints(), ActiveTasksRangeLower(), ActiveTasksRangeUpper(), ActiveTasksSet(), ActiveTasksThresholdLower(), ActiveTasksThresholdUpper(), ActiveTasksUnits()
property CompletedTasks as Ens.DataType.Metric (AUTOHISTORY = 10, RANGELOWER = 0, RANGEUPPER = 100, UNITS = "Tasks") [ MultiDimensional ];
Completed Tasks (since previous day)
Property methods: CompletedTasksDisplayToLogical(), CompletedTasksGet(), CompletedTasksIsValid(), CompletedTasksLink(), CompletedTasksLogicalToDisplay(), CompletedTasksNormalize(), CompletedTasksPoints(), CompletedTasksRangeLower(), CompletedTasksRangeUpper(), CompletedTasksSet(), CompletedTasksThresholdLower(), CompletedTasksThresholdUpper(), CompletedTasksUnits()
property Load as Ens.DataType.Metric (AUTOHISTORY = 10, RANGELOWER = 0, RANGEUPPER = 100, THRESHOLDUPPER = 90, UNITS = "%") [ MultiDimensional ];
Active Load
Property methods: LoadDisplayToLogical(), LoadGet(), LoadIsValid(), LoadLink(), LoadLogicalToDisplay(), LoadNormalize(), LoadPoints(), LoadRangeLower(), LoadRangeUpper(), LoadSet(), LoadThresholdLower(), LoadThresholdUpper(), LoadUnits()


method OnCalculateMetrics() as %Status
Calculate and update the set of metrics for this class


query MetricInstances()
SQL Query:
SELECT Name FROM EnsLib_Workflow.RoleDefinition
Set of instances for this metric class
There is one instance for every defined role.

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