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class Demo.ZenService.Boper.ConvertTemp extends Ens.BusinessOperation

Business operation responsible for converting temperature bewteen Celsius and Fahrenheit.

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parameter ADAPTER = Ens.OutboundAdapter;
Use our own simple adapter since this business operation does not call outside Ensemble
parameter INVOCATION = Queue;
Inherited description: 2 modes: Queue, InProc


method CToF(input As %Integer) as %Integer
method Convert(pRequest As Demo.ZenService.Msg.ConvertTempRequest, Output pResponse As Demo.ZenService.Msg.ConvertTempResponse) as %Status
Accept an incoming Demo.ZenService.Msg.ConvertTempRequest which contains properties Direction and InputTemp. Direction may have a case-sensitive value of "CToF" (Celsius to Fahrenheit) or "FToC" (Fahrenheit to Celsius). Convert the incoming InputTemp in the indicated Direction and store the result in the outgoing Demo.ZenService.Msg.ConvertTempResponse which contains an OutputTemp property to hold the result.
method ConvertTemp(dir As %String, temp As %Integer)
Convert a temperature from Celsius to Fahrenheit (direction="CToF") or Fahrenheit to Centigrade (direction="FToC"). The dir argument gives the direction to convert in ("CToF" or "FToC") and the temp argument gives the temperature value.
method FToC(input As %Integer) as %Integer

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