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class Demo.ZenService.Boper.GetTranslation extends Ens.BusinessOperation

Business operation responsible for providing a translation to/from the requested languages.

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parameter ADAPTER = Ens.OutboundAdapter;
Use our own simple adapter since this business operation does not call outside Ensemble
parameter INVOCATION = Queue;
Inherited description: 2 modes: Queue, InProc


method GetTranslation(from As %String, to As %String, text As %String) as %String [ WebMethod ]
Translate from the identified language (first argument) to the identified language (second argument). The text to translate is the last argument, text. Since this is a sample, this is actually a static method so that only the value for the "to" argument has meaning. If it is "French" or "Italian" or "Spanish" or "German" there is a statically identified translation (the same translation for any input value).
method Translate(pRequest As Demo.ZenService.Msg.TranslationRequest, Output pResponse As Demo.ZenService.Msg.TranslationResponse) as %Status
Get the information out of the request message to translate the weather report into another language. The request message Demo.ZenService.Msg.TranslationRequest has three properties, FromLanguage, ToLanguage, and TextToTranslate. The response message Demo.ZenService.Msg.TranslationResponse has one property, TranslatedText.

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