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class %CSP.UI.Component.SMPFinderPane extends %ZEN.ComponentEx.finderPane

This component is a subclass of the ZEN finderPane taylored for ISC's System Management Portal.

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parameter NAMESPACE =;
The XML namespace for this component.
If true, then the include files generated for this component, are placed in the common /csp/broker directory and not the local /csp/*namespace* directory.
This is intended for use with packages that are mapped so as to be visible to every namespace.
All Zen classes within the same package must have the same value for this parameter. It is the developer's responsibility to ensure this.


clientmethod getFinderColumnHTML(graph, column, selectedList) [ Language = javascript ]
Return the HTML to render one column of the finder.
graph is the object graph describing the contents of the finder.
column is the column number to render (0 based).
selectedList is an array containing of the selected item for each column.
clientmethod getListRowsHTML(array, selectedList, level, parentIdx) [ Language = javascript ]
Return HTML for rows within list mode. array is the data model to display.
selectedList is an array containing the selected list.
level is how many levels we are nested.
parentIdx an array of indexs for all levels above this one.

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