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abstract class %CSP.UI.System.Mirror

Methods used by mirror pages.

Method Inventory


parameter DOMAIN = %Utility;
Default Localization Domain


classmethod GetDBs(ByRef DBArray, SelectedMirror) as %Integer
Return DB array for Mirrorred DBs. Sort it so that the ones that need work are on top.
In this order: Dismounted; those that need Activate and/or Catchup.
classmethod LogMsg(Msg As %String, ERROR As %String = "")
Log msg into ^|"%SYS"|IRIS.Temp.MgtPortalTask($J,"ErrorCount") and ^|"%SYS"|IRIS.Temp.MgtPortalTask($J,"Details")
classmethod MemberStatus() as %String
Return localized text representing the current mirror member status.
classmethod MirrorActivateCatchupDB(ByRef pParms, ByRef pItems) as %Status
Activate and/or catchup Mirror DBs.
classmethod MirrorAddDatabases(ByRef pParms, ByRef pItems) as %Status
Add databases to the mirror
classmethod MirrorMountDB(ByRef pParms, ByRef pItems) as %Status
Mount mirrored databases
classmethod MirrorRemoveDB(ByRef pParms, ByRef pItems) as %Status
Remove databases from the mirror
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