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class %DeepSee.Aggregate.Percentile extends %DeepSee.Aggregate.aggregate

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property SortedValues [ MultiDimensional ];
Sorted array of processed values
Property methods: SortedValuesDisplayToLogical(), SortedValuesGet(), SortedValuesIsValid(), SortedValuesLogicalToDisplay(), SortedValuesLogicalToOdbc(), SortedValuesNormalize(), SortedValuesSet()
property percentile as %Double;
Property methods: percentileDisplayToLogical(), percentileGet(), percentileIsValid(), percentileLogicalToDisplay(), percentileNormalize(), percentileOdbcToLogical(), percentileSet()


method GetResult(Output pStatus As %Status) as %Double
Returns the percentile. Returns "" for an empty data set.
method ProcessValue(pValue As %Double) as %Status
ProcessValue is called sequentially on each value in a target set. This sorts the values by filing them into the SortedValues array with the incoming value as the first subscript.

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