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abstract class %DeepSee.Aggregate.aggregate extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Base class for calculating MDX aggregates. This provides the basic interface for aggregartes as used in the MDX engine.

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property Count as %Integer [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
Keeps a running count of values processed
Property methods: CountDisplayToLogical(), CountGet(), CountIsValid(), CountLogicalToDisplay(), CountNormalize(), CountSet()
property data as array of %Double;
Array of processed values
Property methods: dataBuildValueArray(), dataCollectionToDisplay(), dataCollectionToOdbc(), dataDisplayToCollection(), dataDisplayToLogical(), dataGet(), dataGetObject(), dataGetObjectId(), dataGetSwizzled(), dataIsValid(), dataLogicalToDisplay(), dataNormalize(), dataOdbcToCollection(), dataOdbcToLogical(), dataSet(), dataSetObject(), dataSetObjectId()


classmethod %PostProcessValue(result As %Double)
Perform any specific validation or other postprocessing just before returning the final value
classmethod %PreProcessValue(value As %Double)
Perform any specific validation or other preprocessing just before adding the value to the set
method GetResult(Output pStatus As %Status) as %Double
GetResult is invoked after every target value has been processed to return the final value of the aggregate.
method ProcessValue(pValue As %Double) as %Status
ProcessValue is called sequentially on each value in a target set. The default behavior of this method is to file the value in the data array in order of arrival.

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