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class %Library.Compiler.Basic extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Interface to the Basic Compiler

Method Inventory


final classmethod ClassFlags(ClassName As %Library.String) as %Library.List
Given a resolved class name, return the class flags for the named class Bit 1 = On if the class is a datatype class
final classmethod ClassInfo(ClassName As %Library.String, cursor As %Library.Binary) as %Library.List
Returns a List containing an encoded description of the class members for use during the Cache Basic compilation process Each member is a $list(), consists of name, membertype, and one or several values For methods, the format is: name, 1, classmethod, quitwithvalue,arglist arglist contains a list of argument names and a flag indicating whether the argument is passed byref or not (0 = byvalue, 1 = byref) For parameters, the format is: name, 2, defaultvalue For properties, the format is: name, 3, multidim, datatype, calculated, slot, element (please note that slot and element numbers only make sense for datatype and non-calculated properties) At the end of of the list, there is a end-of-data marker, which is $lb(""). If there is no end-of-data marker at the end, that means there is more data to come. The caller should call back to ClassInfo again, passing the last member element as its second input value.
classmethod GetSource(VarName, Line)
classmethod PutSuperTokens(VarName, Index, Tokens)
final classmethod ResolveClassName(ClassName As %Library.String, ImportList As %Library.String) as %Library.List
Given an abbreviated class name and an import list, resolve the full class name

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