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class %XML.CatalogParser extends %Library.RegisteredObject

An XML Catalog file parser.
This is used by the %XML.Catalog class.
Use as follows:
  Set parser = ##class(%XML.CatalogParser).%New()
  Set sc = parser.Start("\dbdtd\"),!
  While (parser.NextElement(.el)) {
  	// el will contain the values for this element
  	// as subscripts

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property AtEnd as %Boolean;
Property methods: AtEndDisplayToLogical(), AtEndGet(), AtEndIsValid(), AtEndLogicalToDisplay(), AtEndNormalize(), AtEndSet()
property BPos as %Integer;
Property methods: BPosDisplayToLogical(), BPosGet(), BPosIsValid(), BPosLogicalToDisplay(), BPosNormalize(), BPosSet()
property Buffer as %String;
Property methods: BufferDisplayToLogical(), BufferGet(), BufferIsValid(), BufferLogicalToDisplay(), BufferLogicalToOdbc(), BufferNormalize(), BufferSet()
property ColNo as %Integer;
Property methods: ColNoDisplayToLogical(), ColNoGet(), ColNoIsValid(), ColNoLogicalToDisplay(), ColNoNormalize(), ColNoSet()
property ErrorMsg as %String;
Property methods: ErrorMsgDisplayToLogical(), ErrorMsgGet(), ErrorMsgIsValid(), ErrorMsgLogicalToDisplay(), ErrorMsgLogicalToOdbc(), ErrorMsgNormalize(), ErrorMsgSet()
property InStream as %AbstractStream;
Property methods: InStreamDelete(), InStreamGet(), InStreamGetObject(), InStreamGetObjectId(), InStreamGetSwizzled(), InStreamIsValid(), InStreamNewObject(), InStreamOid(), InStreamOpen(), InStreamSet(), InStreamSetObject(), InStreamSetObjectId(), InStreamUnSwizzle()
property LastColNo as %Integer;
Property methods: LastColNoDisplayToLogical(), LastColNoGet(), LastColNoIsValid(), LastColNoLogicalToDisplay(), LastColNoNormalize(), LastColNoSet()
property LineNo as %Integer;
Property methods: LineNoDisplayToLogical(), LineNoGet(), LineNoIsValid(), LineNoLogicalToDisplay(), LineNoNormalize(), LineNoSet()
property UndoBuffer as %String;
holds the last "undone" token
Property methods: UndoBufferDisplayToLogical(), UndoBufferGet(), UndoBufferIsValid(), UndoBufferLogicalToDisplay(), UndoBufferLogicalToOdbc(), UndoBufferNormalize(), UndoBufferSet()


method End()
method Error(text As %String)
Display an error message
method NextElement(ByRef element As %String) as %Boolean
Find and return the next element in the catalog
element returns the values of the element as subscripts.
method NextToken() as %String
Return the next token from the InputStream
method Start(file As %String) as %Status
Begin parsing the given Catalog file
method UndoToken(token As %String)
Put back a token into the input stream

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