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datatype class %XML.String extends %Library.String


The %XML.String data type class represents a subclass of %String with CONTENT="MIXED" for XML mixed content.


parameter CONTENT = MIXED;
XML element content "MIXED" for mixed="true" (default) and "STRING" or "ESCAPE" for mixed="false". If CONTENT="STRING" XML special characters are put in a CDATA section during XML export. If CONTENT="ESCAPE" XML special characters are escaped during XML export. If CONTENT="ESCAPE-C14N" XML special characters are escaped during XML export using the translate table, XMLC, specified for XML Canonicalizaton. The main difference is that CR is escaped as 
parameter ESCAPE = XML;
Controls the translate table used to escape content when CONTENT="MIXED" is specified.
parameter MAXLEN;
The string may be any length.

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