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class Ens.BPL.UI.Connector extends %Library.RegisteredObject

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property Condition as %String (MAXLEN = 255);
Condition for case connections
Property methods: ConditionDisplayToLogical(), ConditionGet(), ConditionIsValid(), ConditionLogicalToDisplay(), ConditionLogicalToOdbc(), ConditionNormalize(), ConditionSet()
property ConnectType as %String (MAXLEN = 50, VALUELIST = ",case,branch,thread");
ConnectionType of this connector ("" or "case" or "branch" or "thread")
Property methods: ConnectTypeDisplayToLogical(), ConnectTypeGet(), ConnectTypeIsValid(), ConnectTypeLogicalToDisplay(), ConnectTypeLogicalToOdbc(), ConnectTypeNormalize(), ConnectTypeSet()
property Disabled as %Boolean;
This holds the 'disabled' status for the shape. (this is only used for 'thread' connections)
Property methods: DisabledDisplayToLogical(), DisabledGet(), DisabledIsValid(), DisabledLogicalToDisplay(), DisabledNormalize(), DisabledSet()
property FromShape as Shape;
Shape this connection comes from (an output)
Property methods: FromShapeGet(), FromShapeGetSwizzled(), FromShapeIsValid(), FromShapeNewObject(), FromShapeSet()
property LanguageOverride as %String;
Optional setting. Sets the compilation language at level of a Switch Case. To be useful, this will differ from the main BPL language.
When the overall BPL is generating in ObjectScript mode, this setting allows a specific Switch Case Condition to evaluate an Embedded Python expression.
Property methods: LanguageOverrideDisplayToLogical(), LanguageOverrideGet(), LanguageOverrideIsValid(), LanguageOverrideLogicalToDisplay(), LanguageOverrideLogicalToOdbc(), LanguageOverrideNormalize(), LanguageOverrideSet()
property Name as %String (MAXLEN = 50);
Name of this shape
Property methods: NameDisplayToLogical(), NameGet(), NameIsValid(), NameLogicalToDisplay(), NameLogicalToOdbc(), NameNormalize(), NameSet()
property ToShape as Shape;
Shape this connection goes to (an input)
Property methods: ToShapeGet(), ToShapeGetSwizzled(), ToShapeIsValid(), ToShapeNewObject(), ToShapeSet()
property Type as %String (MAXLEN = 50, VALUELIST = ",connector") [ InitialExpression = "connector" ];
Type of this connector
Property methods: TypeDisplayToLogical(), TypeGet(), TypeIsValid(), TypeLogicalToDisplay(), TypeLogicalToOdbc(), TypeNormalize(), TypeSet()


method Serialize(pState As %CharacterStream)
Serialize this connector for use by the editor.

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