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class EnsLib.ebXML.Operation.SOAPServiceClient extends %SOAP.WebClient

SOAP Service for ebXML

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parameter ARGUMENTSTYLE = message;
Inherited description: The ARGUMENTSTYLE parameter may be used to specify a message format in which each request message part (not the elements of the part's type) is an argument and each response message part is a return value or output argument. The use of the message or wrapped format is specified by the ARGUMENTSTYLE parameter of the web service or web client class. The default value for ARGUMENTSTYLE is "wrapped" or "". Message style arguments are indicated by a value of "message". The ARGUMENTSTYLE parameter will be ignored if the SoapBindingStyle is not document.
parameter LOCATION;
This is the URL used to access the web service.
parameter NAMESPACE =;
Inherited description: NAMESPACE - Should be an unique URI Override this parameter in the subclass with the unique namespace URI of your organization. Override this parameter in the subclass.
parameter SERVICENAME = ebXML;
Inherited description: SERVICENAME - Should be the name of the service for which this is a proxy. Override this parameter in the subclass.
parameter SOAPHEADERS = AckRequested:EnsLib.ebXML.schema.msg.AckRequested,Acknowledgment:EnsLib.ebXML.schema.msg.Acknowledgment,ErrorList:EnsLib.ebXML.schema.msg.ErrorList,MessageHeader:EnsLib.ebXML.schema.msg.MessageHeader,MessageOrder:EnsLib.ebXML.schema.msg.MessageOrder,StatusRequest:EnsLib.ebXML.schema.msg.StatusRequest,StatusResponse:EnsLib.ebXML.schema.msg.StatusResponse,SyncReply:EnsLib.ebXML.schema.msg.SyncReply;
Inherited description: A list of supported SOAP headers is specified as a comma separated list of input header specifications. Each specification is of the form "headerName:headerClass" where headerName is the element name of the supported header and headerClass is the %SOAP.Header subclass that corresponds to that header. This list defines all headers supported in the SOAP request.


property CustomSOAPAction as %String (MAXLEN = 512) [ InitialExpression = $$$EnsebXMLSOAPAction ];
Custom SOAPAction header
Property methods: CustomSOAPActionDisplayToLogical(), CustomSOAPActionGet(), CustomSOAPActionIsValid(), CustomSOAPActionLogicalToDisplay(), CustomSOAPActionLogicalToOdbc(), CustomSOAPActionNormalize(), CustomSOAPActionSet()


final method Manifest(pManifest As EnsLib.ebXML.schema.msg.Manifest(XMLNAME="Manifest")) as EnsLib.ebXML.schema.msg.Manifest [ WebMethod ]
WebMethod to invoke a SOAP service with an ebXML Manifest.
method outputNoBody(pProxy As %SOAP.Descriptor, pTag As %String) as %Status

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