Creating DeepSee Dashboards
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Preface : 
Chapter 1: 
  1.1 Displaying DeepSee Dashboards
1.2 About Dashboards
1.3 Location of Dashboard Definitions
Chapter 2: 
  2.1 Introduction to the Autosave Feature
2.2 Creating a Dashboard
2.3 Modifying Dashboard Settings
2.4 Adding a Widget to a Dashboard
2.5 Overview of Widget Types
2.5.1 Widget Types and Subtypes
2.5.2 Comparison of Widget Types
2.6 Reconfiguring a Widget
2.6.1 Toolbar Settings
2.6.2 Sidebar Settings
2.7 Specifying the Data Source for a Widget
2.7.1 Names of Data Sources
2.7.2 Kinds of Data Sources
2.7.3 Linked Widgets
2.8 Saving a Widget to the Widget Catalog
2.9 Removing a Widget from a Dashboard
2.10 Clearing the Autosave State of a Dashboard
2.11 Saving a Dashboard
2.12 Copying a Dashboard
2.13 Deleting a Dashboard
2.13.1 Deleting a Dashboard in the User Portal
Chapter 3: 
  3.1 Customizing Print Settings for a Widget
3.1.1 Requirements for Printing
3.1.2 Special Options for the Title and Subtitle
3.1.3 Listing Settings
3.1.4 Filter Settings
3.2 Adding Widget Properties
3.3 Managing Widget Properties
3.4 Specifying Numeric Format Strings
3.4.1 Selecting a Format String
3.4.2 Typing a Numeric Format String
3.5 Specifying Table Text Styles
3.6 Specifying Chart Text Styles
3.7 Specifying Line Styles
Chapter 4: 
  4.1 Adding a Pivot Table Widget
4.2 Specifying Widget Settings for a Pivot Table Widget
4.3 Customizing the Columns (When Displaying a KPI)
4.4 Displaying a Listing in a Pivot Table Widget
4.5 Customizing the Appearance of a Pivot Table
4.5.1 Size and Appearance Options
4.5.2 Color and Style Options
4.6 Removing a Pivot Table Redefinition
Chapter 5: 
  5.1 Adding a Chart Widget
5.2 Customizing the Chart Type
5.3 Chart Requirements
5.4 Available Chart Types
5.4.1 Bar and Column Charts
5.4.2 Line and Area Charts
5.4.3 Combo Charts
5.4.4 High Low Charts
5.4.5 Pie Charts
5.4.6 X/Y Charts
5.4.7 Bubble Charts
5.4.8 Time Charts
5.4.9 Tree Maps
5.4.10 Bullseye Charts
5.4.11 Swirl Charts
5.5 Displaying an Ensemble Business Metric
Chapter 6: 
  6.1 Size and Appearance Options
6.2 Title and Label Options
6.3 No Data Warning
6.4 Color and Style Options
6.5 x-Axis Options
6.6 y-Axis or Axes Options
6.7 Series Detail Options
6.8 Chart Legend Options
Chapter 7: 
  7.1 Adding a Meter Widget
7.1.1 Data Sources, Properties, and Meters
7.2 Specifying Widget Settings for a Meter
7.3 Meter Types
7.4 Basic Meter Options
7.5 Customizing Speedometers
7.6 Customizing Text Meters
7.7 Customizing Fuel Gauges
7.8 Customizing Traffic Lights
7.9 Customizing Light Bars
7.10 Customizing Smiley Faces
Chapter 8: 
  8.1 Overview of Scorecards
8.1.1 One-Measure Pivot Tables in Scorecards
8.2 Adding a Scorecard Widget
8.3 Specifying Widget Settings for a Scorecard
8.4 Adding Columns
8.5 Configuring a Scorecard Column
8.6 Specifying a Scorecard Formula
8.7 Configuring a Column of Row Numbers
8.8 Configuring a Column of Row Labels
8.9 Configuring a Column of Values
8.10 Configuring Trend Lines and Trend Bars
8.11 Configuring Plot Boxes
8.12 Configuring Arrows
8.13 Configuring Lamps
8.14 Customizing the Appearance of a Scorecard Widget
8.14.1 Size & Appearance Options
8.14.2 Title Options
8.14.3 Colors & Style Options
Chapter 9: 
  9.1 Adding a Calendar Widget
9.2 Adding a Map Widget
9.2.1 Configuring the infoWindow Popup
9.3 Adding a Widget That Uses a Portlet
9.4 Adding a Controls Widget
Chapter 10: 
  10.1 Overview of Themes
10.2 Creating a New Theme Definition
10.3 Adding Style Information to a Theme
10.4 Applying a Theme
10.5 Deleting a Theme
Chapter 11: 
  11.1 Adding a Control
11.2 Reconfiguring a Control
11.3 Adding an Explicit Filter Control
11.3.1 Specifying a Default Value
11.4 Adding an OnClick Filter Control
11.4.1 Example: Listing with OnClick Filter
11.5 Adding a Refresh Control
11.6 Adding a Control to Print the Dashboard
11.7 Adding a Control to Reload the Dashboard
11.8 Adding a Control to Change the Display Type
11.9 Adding a Control to Change the Row or Column Sort
11.10 Adding a Control to Change the Row or Column Count
11.11 Adding a Control to Change the Row or Column Specification
11.11.1 Variation: Providing a List of Choices
11.12 Adding a Control to Set a Pivot Variable
11.13 Adding a Control to Display a Different Pivot Table
11.13.1 Variation: Providing a List of Choices
11.14 Adding a Control to Display a Listing
11.15 Adding a Control to Display the Pivot Analysis Window
11.16 Adding a Control to Display Another Dashboard
11.16.1 Passing Values
11.17 Adding a Control to Display a Web Page
11.18 Adding a Control to Perform a Custom Action
11.18.1 Specifying the Value of a Row
11.19 Hiding a Control