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Connect to the IrisCluster

Connect to the IrisCluster

The serviceTemplate field creates one or more Kubernetes servicesOpens in a new tab to expose the IrisCluster to the network through external IP addresses. For example, a service is always created for the first pod in the first stateful set managing data nodes, which represents data node 1 in a sharded cluster, the data server in a distributed cache cluster, or a stand-alone instance, and is used to connect to the InterSystems IRIS instance running on that node for web applications, application connections, data ingestion and other purposes. You can connect to the superserver port (1972) by default, and to the web server port (80) if you included a webgateway sidecar in your data node definition. (If you deployed the sidecar from a webgateway-lockeddown imageOpens in a new tab, the web server port is 52773.) To get the IP address for the node, list the services representing the IrisCluster, as follows:

$ kubectl get svc 
NAME                       TYPE          CLUSTER-IP   EXTERNAL-IP     PORT(S)                         AGE
my-IrisCluster             LoadBalancer  1972:30011/TCP,80:31887/TCP     46m
my-IrisCluster-Webgateway  LoadBalancer  80:31887/TCP                    46m

You can then make connections to the node at the displayed external IP address, as illustrated in the following:

If you opened additional ports using the ports field in your serviceTemplate definitions, these will be available as well.

You can also define a similar serviceOpens in a new tab for the pod representing any other data or compute node if you wish to access its Management Portal or another web application through its webgateway sidecar, or to connect to its superserver port or any additional open ports you specified using the ports field.

Other services and external IP addresses created by default, if the applicable nodes are included in the IrisCluster, represent the first pod in the first stateful set managing webgateway nodes, sam nodes, and iam nodes. The URLs (including ports) for these connections are as follows:


URL including port

Web Gateway, type={nginx|apache}


Web Gateway, type=apache-lockeddown

SAM http://external-ip:8080/api/sam/app/index.csp
IAM http://external-ip:8002/overview
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