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class EnsLib.InteropTools.HL7.MessageAnalyzer.Analysis.AbstractStringsCollection extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Method Inventory


method %OnNew(ByRef pCountedLines, pCLIList As %List = "", pConfig As Config, pLogger As Logger, pSorted As %Boolean = 0) as %Status
pCLIList is either a list of indexes of pCountedLines to use, or it's "" (or omitted from the call) meaning that the whole of pCountedLines is to be used
method DerivePattern(pGraphName As %String, pTree As Tree = "", pChoiceIndex As %Integer = "") as %String
Derive an SSF pattern which will parse all lines in the collection

Returns $LB("",PATTERN) if successful, otherwise $LB(ERRORCODE,""), where ERRORCODE values are macros $$$ASCXXX

If pTree is passed with an object (a Tree with an *empty* choice node @pChoiceIndex) it will be updated with the derived patterns

method ShowCLIList() as %String
Return a readable representation of the given list of indexes into ..CountedLines

Truncates the result to 50 characters

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