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abstract class EnsLib.InteropTools.HL7.MessageAnalyzer.Message.MessageProcessor extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Method Inventory


method Dump()
abstract method GetMessageParentFolders(pReportIndex As %Integer) as %List
abstract method GetVersion() as %String
abstract method MergeADT(pMessagesOrigin As %String) as %Boolean
abstract method NewReport(pMessagesOrigin As %String, pMessageType As %String) as %Integer
abstract method ProcessMessage(pReportIndex As %Integer, pMessageType As %String, pMessageTypes As %List, pMessageCount As %Integer, ByRef pFullMessageArray, pPathIfUnique As %String)
abstract method Report(pReportIndex As %Integer, pMachineCollection As MachineCollection, pConfig As Config, pLogger As Logger, Output pStrategyManagers)
final method ScanMessages(pSource As %String, pAllowNonHL7Messages As %Boolean, pOutlierThreshold As %Numeric = 0.0, pMakeLight As %Boolean = 0, Output pRejectedMessages As %Integer, pQuiet As %Boolean)
Scan the given source (@folder/@file/literal) for messages and process each one

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