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class EnsLib.InteropTools.HL7.MessageAnalyzer.NFA.BranchCollection extends %Library.RegisteredObject

Method Inventory


method %OnNew(pCountLimit As %Integer, pTotalLimit As %Integer) as %Status
The limit arguments are defaulted to reasonable values if they are passed as 0 or ""
method AddBranch(pBranch As Branch) as %Integer
method ExceededLimits() as %Boolean
method GetBranch(pBranchIndex As %Integer) as Branch
method GetDiffRecords(pBranchIndex As %Integer) as Diff
method GetResyncing(pBranchIndex As %Integer) as %Integer
method IsEmpty()
method ListCollection()
method RemoveBranch(pBranchIndex As %Integer)
method Report(pBranchIndex As %Integer) as %List
method SelectEarliestBranchIndex() as %Integer

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