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serial class HS.SDA3.CodeTableTranslated extends HS.SDA3.CodeTableDetail

Base class for coded properties that can have code history in addition to
the current code, description, and code system. Every class that can be
translated extends CodeTableTranslated, however not every class that
extends CodeTableTranslated can be translated. Currently only the types
listed on the Terminology Translation Profiles screen in the HealthShare
Management Portal on the Registry can be translated. When HealthShare
translates a code, a copy of the original is put in PriorCodes. See the HS
documentation for more info on terminology translation.

Property Inventory


parameter TRANSLATED = 1;
Inherited description: This should be set to 1 only in HS.SDA3.CodeTableTranslated (and thus inherited from its subclasses) to tell the code generator to add in code for performing translation during export.


property OriginalText as %String (MAXLEN = 32000);
The original text that was available to an automated process or a human
before a specific code was assigned. When parsed from HL7 in HL7ToSDA3,
this will always come from piece 9 of a coded field (data structure CNE or

VIEWERLIB: Not stored
Property methods: OriginalTextDisplayToLogical(), OriginalTextGet(), OriginalTextIsValid(), OriginalTextLogicalToDisplay(), OriginalTextLogicalToOdbc(), OriginalTextNormalize(), OriginalTextSet()
property PriorCodes as list of HS.SDA3.PriorCode;
A list of alternate codes or codes that may have been previously assigned
to this property.

VIEWERLIB: Not stored
Property methods: PriorCodesBuildValueArray(), PriorCodesCollectionToDisplay(), PriorCodesCollectionToOdbc(), PriorCodesDisplayToCollection(), PriorCodesGet(), PriorCodesGetObject(), PriorCodesGetObjectId(), PriorCodesGetSwizzled(), PriorCodesIsValid(), PriorCodesOdbcToCollection(), PriorCodesSet(), PriorCodesSetObject(), PriorCodesSetObjectId()

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