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serial class HS.SDA3.Vaccination extends HS.SDA3.SuperClass, HS.SDA3.AbstractMedication

HS.SDA3.Vaccination corresponds to the CDA Immunizations section.

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Inherited description: Must be filled in on descendent class
This will determine the order type of the order item


property Extension as HS.Local.SDA3.VaccinationExtension;
Property methods: ExtensionGet(), ExtensionGetObject(), ExtensionGetObjectId(), ExtensionGetSwizzled(), ExtensionIsEmpty(), ExtensionIsValid(), ExtensionNewObject(), ExtensionSet(), ExtensionSetObject(), ExtensionSetObjectId(), ExtensionUnSwizzle()
property PrimarySource as HS.SDA3.Boolean;
An indication that the content of the record is based on information from the person who administered the vaccine. This reflects the context under which the data was originally recorded. This field is not populated from HL7 v2 or CCDA. VIEWERLIB: Not stored
Property methods: PrimarySourceDisplayToLogical(), PrimarySourceGet(), PrimarySourceIsValid(), PrimarySourceIsValidDT(), PrimarySourceLogicalToDisplay(), PrimarySourceLogicalToXSD(), PrimarySourceNormalize(), PrimarySourceSet(), PrimarySourceXSDToLogical()
Indicates the reason the immunization event was not performed. This field is not populated from HL7 v2 or CCDA. VIEWERLIB: Not stored
Property methods: StatusReasonGet(), StatusReasonGetObject(), StatusReasonGetObjectId(), StatusReasonGetSwizzled(), StatusReasonIsEmpty(), StatusReasonIsValid(), StatusReasonNewObject(), StatusReasonSet(), StatusReasonSetObject(), StatusReasonSetObjectId(), StatusReasonUnSwizzle()
property VXUObservations as list of HS.SDA3.Observation;
List of observations made for this Vaccination

Parsing of OBXs into VXUObservations is documented in depth in
HS.SDA3.Observation. Note that Observation is also its own streamlet type.
Instances where the parsing is different for independent Observations
versus Vaccination Observations are noted in the annotations. Also, note
that the parsing is sometimes dependent on the value of the
ObservationCompatibilityMode setting of the HL7 Inbound Process operation
of the Edge production. The details of this are documented in the
Observation class as well.

Streamlet cache:
The Streamlet Cache processing of VXUObservations is also documented in
HS.SDA3.Observation but will be repeated here. In the OnBeforeMatch method
of the Vaccination Streamlet class, if the ObservationTime of any
Observation in the list is null, it will be defaulted to the last non-null
ObservationTime in the list (that was originally non-null, not defaulted),
then to the EnteredOn of the current Observation, then to the current
date/time. In the OnValidate method of the Vaccination Streamlet class, if
any of the Observations in VXUObservations has no ObservationCode, a warning
will be logged and the Vaccination will be saved without the bad Observation.

VIEWERLIB: Not stored
Property methods: VXUObservationsBuildValueArray(), VXUObservationsCollectionToDisplay(), VXUObservationsCollectionToOdbc(), VXUObservationsDisplayToCollection(), VXUObservationsGet(), VXUObservationsGetObject(), VXUObservationsGetObjectId(), VXUObservationsGetSwizzled(), VXUObservationsIsValid(), VXUObservationsOdbcToCollection(), VXUObservationsSet(), VXUObservationsSetObject(), VXUObservationsSetObjectId()

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