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datatype class HS.Types.Date extends %Library.Date


HealthShare-specific version of %Date so that on XML import we do
not lose the delete instruction (two double quotes) to validation.
The %Date data type class represents a date. The logical value of the %Date data type is in Caché $H format.

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parameter XSDTYPE = string;
Declares the XSD type used when projecting XML Schemas.


classmethod DisplayToLogical(%val As %String) as HS.Types.Date
Converts the input value %val, which represents a date, into $H format.

Returns the logical ($H) value of the input string %val.

classmethod IsValid(%val As %Library.RawString) as %Status
Tests if the logical value %val, which represents a date in $H format, is valid. The validation is based on the class parameter settings used for the class attribute this data type is associated with. In this case, MAXVAL and MINVAL.
classmethod LogicalToDisplay(%val As HS.Types.Date) as %String
Converts the value of %val, which is in logical $H format, into a display string. The formatting is based on the value of the FORMAT parameter.

Returns the formatted value of %val.

classmethod LogicalToOdbc(%val As HS.Types.Date = "") as %String
Converts %val, which represents a date in logical $H format, into ODBC date format.

Returns the ODBC date string for the logical ($H) value %val. Assume if there is a "-" in the value already, that we already have an ODBC format. This is used by TO_DATE(val,"J") for Julian dates

classmethod LogicalToXSD(%val As HS.Types.Date) as %String
Converts the Cache %Date value to the canonical SOAP encoded value.
classmethod Normalize(%val As %Library.RawString) as HS.Types.Date
Converts %val to a normalized value.
classmethod OdbcToLogical(%val As %String = "") as HS.Types.Date
Converts %val, which represents a date in ODBC format, into $H format.

Returns the $H value of the ODBC date string %val.

classmethod XSDToLogical(%val As %String) as HS.Types.Date
Converts the SOAP encoded input date value into a Cache %Date value. Modified from the superclass method to allow the import of the delete
instruction (two double quotes).

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