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serial class HS.Types.SMTP extends %Library.SerialObject, %JSON.Adaptor

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property dnsName as %String (MAXLEN = 256);
DNS name of the mail service.
Property methods: dnsNameDisplayToLogical(), dnsNameGet(), dnsNameIsValid(), dnsNameLogicalToDisplay(), dnsNameLogicalToOdbc(), dnsNameNormalize(), dnsNameSet()
property doesPasswordExist as %Boolean [ Transient ];
Whether password has been set. Needed to inform the Angular UI so it can respond accordingly.
Property methods: doesPasswordExistDisplayToLogical(), doesPasswordExistIsValid(), doesPasswordExistLogicalToDisplay(), doesPasswordExistNormalize(), doesPasswordExistSet()
property fromSender as %String (MAXLEN = 256);
Email address where the message should be sent from.
Property methods: fromSenderDisplayToLogical(), fromSenderGet(), fromSenderIsValid(), fromSenderLogicalToDisplay(), fromSenderLogicalToOdbc(), fromSenderNormalize(), fromSenderSet()
property password as %String);
Password depending on the mail service the user want to user for TFA.
MAXLEN set to "" in case password is a long token.
Property methods: passwordDisplayToLogical(), passwordGet(), passwordIsValid(), passwordLogicalToDisplay(), passwordLogicalToOdbc(), passwordNormalize(), passwordSet()
property username as %String (MAXLEN = 256);
Username depending on the mail service the user want to user for TFA.
Property methods: usernameDisplayToLogical(), usernameGet(), usernameIsValid(), usernameLogicalToDisplay(), usernameLogicalToOdbc(), usernameNormalize(), usernameSet()


classmethod %JSONNew(dynamicObject As %DynamicObject, containerOref As %RegisteredObject = "") as %RegisteredObject
Inherited description: Get an instance of an JSON enabled class.

You may override this method to do custom processing (such as initializing the object instance) before returning an instance of this class. However, this method should not be called directly from user code.
dynamicObject is the dynamic object with thee values to be assigned to the new object.
containerOref is the containing object instance when called from JSONImport.
method doesPasswordExistGet() as %Boolean

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