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serial class HS.Types.SMTP extends %Library.SerialObject, HS.REST.Model.ISerializable

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property dnsName as %String (MAXLEN = 256);
DNS name of the mail service.
Property methods: dnsNameDisplayToLogical(), dnsNameGet(), dnsNameIsValid(), dnsNameLogicalToDisplay(), dnsNameLogicalToOdbc(), dnsNameNormalize(), dnsNameSet()
property doesPasswordExist as %Boolean (%JSONINCLUDE = "OUTPUTONLY") [ Transient ];
Whether password has been set. Needed to inform the Angular UI so it can respond accordingly.
Property methods: doesPasswordExistDisplayToLogical(), doesPasswordExistIsValid(), doesPasswordExistLogicalToDisplay(), doesPasswordExistNormalize(), doesPasswordExistSet()
property fromSender as %String (MAXLEN = 256);
Email address where the message should be sent from.
Property methods: fromSenderDisplayToLogical(), fromSenderGet(), fromSenderIsValid(), fromSenderLogicalToDisplay(), fromSenderLogicalToOdbc(), fromSenderNormalize(), fromSenderSet()
property password as %String (%JSONINCLUDE = "INPUTONLY");
Password depending on the mail service the user want to user for TFA.
MAXLEN set to "" in case password is a long token.
Property methods: passwordDisplayToLogical(), passwordGet(), passwordIsValid(), passwordLogicalToDisplay(), passwordLogicalToOdbc(), passwordNormalize(), passwordSet()
property username as %String (MAXLEN = 256);
Username depending on the mail service the user want to user for TFA.
Property methods: usernameDisplayToLogical(), usernameGet(), usernameIsValid(), usernameLogicalToDisplay(), usernameLogicalToOdbc(), usernameNormalize(), usernameSet()


method doesPasswordExistGet() as %Boolean

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