class HS.FHIRServer.Util.ReferenceVisitor extends %Library.RegisteredObject

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classmethod AddBackReference(ByRef context, toId As %String, fromId As %String, fromIsShared As %Boolean)
classmethod AddReferenceObj(obj As %DynamicObject, ByRef context)
classmethod GetReferencingIds(referencedId As %String, ByRef context) as %List
Returns a %List of all resources referenced by the specified resource Id as determined by the processing of "VisitAll"
classmethod VisitAll(pRsrcObj As %DynamicObject, ByRef context)
@API VisitAll traverses all properties of type Reference within a Resource. It builds a set of all reference values. Optionally, the caller may specify a method to be called when each reference is visited allowing the caller to perform custom processing on that reference.
classmethod adjustCrossReference(schema As HS.FHIRServer.Schema, ByRef visitContext)

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