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abstract class HS.FHIRServer.Util.Bundle

Helper Class that creates Bundle resources as directed

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classmethod AddBundleEntry(pBundle As %DynamicObject, pFullUrl As %String = "", pResource As %DynamicObject = "", pMode As %String = "") as %DynamicObject
AddBundleEntry adds a Bundle entry to an existing Bundle JSON Object

  • pFullUrl : [optional] Bundle entry fullUrl value.
  • pResource : [optional] The resource for this entry (if any) as a JSON Object
  • Returns: A Bundle.Entry JSON Object
  • classmethod CreateBundle(pIdentifier As %DynamicObject, pType As %String, pTotal As %String, ByRef pUrls, pSchema As HS.FHIRServer.Schema) as %DynamicObject
    API StartBundleStream writes to a stream object the first standard elements of a FHIR Bundle resource: type, total, link.
    This method is intended to be used in conjunction with the methods AddBundleEntryToStream and EndBundleStream.
  • pIdentifier : A CodeableConcept JSON Object representing a unique identifier (Not Used Yet)
  • pType : (required) Bundle type.
  • pTotal : If search, the total number of matches.
  • pUrls : A Multidimensional Array mapping link relationship to URL pUrls(relationship) = url. Possible relationship values are: "first", "previous", "self", "next", and "last"
  • Returns: A Bundle JSON Object
  • classmethod FinalizeBundle(pBundle As %DynamicObject) as %DynamicObject
    @API Finalize the bundle by ensuring that the object does not contain an empty 'entry' array.


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