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class HS.FHIRServer.Util.SearchResult extends HS.Util.TransientTable

Property Inventory

Method Inventory


parameter GlobalName = ^IRIS.Temp.FHIRServerSearchResult;
parameter SummaryCountModeName = summary_count;
Special Mode name to use when recording only the number generated by a _summary=count or _count=0 request.


property Created as %String [ Calculated ];
Property methods: CreatedDisplayToLogical(), CreatedIsValid(), CreatedLogicalToDisplay(), CreatedLogicalToOdbc(), CreatedNormalize()
property IsDeleted as %Boolean [ Calculated ];
Property methods: IsDeletedDisplayToLogical(), IsDeletedIsValid(), IsDeletedLogicalToDisplay(), IsDeletedNormalize()
property Key as %String [ Calculated ];
Property methods: KeyDisplayToLogical(), KeyIsValid(), KeyLogicalToDisplay(), KeyLogicalToOdbc(), KeyNormalize()
property LastUsed as %String [ Calculated ];
Property methods: LastUsedDisplayToLogical(), LastUsedIsValid(), LastUsedLogicalToDisplay(), LastUsedLogicalToOdbc(), LastUsedNormalize()
property MPIID as %Integer [ Calculated ];
Property methods: MPIIDDisplayToLogical(), MPIIDIsValid(), MPIIDLogicalToDisplay(), MPIIDNormalize()
property MatchCount as %Integer [ Calculated ];
Property methods: MatchCountDisplayToLogical(), MatchCountIsValid(), MatchCountLogicalToDisplay(), MatchCountNormalize()
property Mode as %String [ Calculated ];
Property methods: ModeDisplayToLogical(), ModeIsValid(), ModeLogicalToDisplay(), ModeLogicalToOdbc(), ModeNormalize()
property PageSize as %Integer [ Calculated ];
Property methods: PageSizeDisplayToLogical(), PageSizeIsValid(), PageSizeLogicalToDisplay(), PageSizeNormalize()
property QueryId as %String [ Calculated ];
Property methods: QueryIdDisplayToLogical(), QueryIdIsValid(), QueryIdLogicalToDisplay(), QueryIdLogicalToOdbc(), QueryIdNormalize()
property ReferredToBy as %List [ Calculated ];
Property methods: ReferredToByLogicalToOdbc(), ReferredToByOdbcToLogical()
property ResourceId as %String [ Calculated ];
Property methods: ResourceIdDisplayToLogical(), ResourceIdIsValid(), ResourceIdLogicalToDisplay(), ResourceIdLogicalToOdbc(), ResourceIdNormalize()
property ResourceJson as %DynamicObject [ Calculated ];
property ResourceString as %String [ Calculated ];
Property methods: ResourceStringDisplayToLogical(), ResourceStringIsValid(), ResourceStringLogicalToDisplay(), ResourceStringLogicalToOdbc(), ResourceStringNormalize()
property ResourceType as %String [ Calculated ];
Property methods: ResourceTypeDisplayToLogical(), ResourceTypeIsValid(), ResourceTypeLogicalToDisplay(), ResourceTypeLogicalToOdbc(), ResourceTypeNormalize()
property SearchStatus as %Status;
Property methods: SearchStatusGet(), SearchStatusIsValid(), SearchStatusLogicalToOdbc(), SearchStatusSet()
property TotalUndeleted as %Integer [ Calculated ];
Property methods: TotalUndeletedDisplayToLogical(), TotalUndeletedIsValid(), TotalUndeletedLogicalToDisplay(), TotalUndeletedNormalize()
property Verb as %String [ Calculated ];
Property methods: VerbDisplayToLogical(), VerbIsValid(), VerbLogicalToDisplay(), VerbLogicalToOdbc(), VerbNormalize()
property VersionId as %String [ Calculated ];
Property methods: VersionIdDisplayToLogical(), VersionIdIsValid(), VersionIdLogicalToDisplay(), VersionIdLogicalToOdbc(), VersionIdNormalize()


method AddRow(key, pResourceType, pResourceId, pVersionId, pMode, pVerb="", pJson="", pReferredToBy="", pMPIID="") as %Integer
classmethod Create(pPageSize As %Integer = 0) as HS.FHIRServer.Util.SearchResult
method CreatedGet()
classmethod Discard(key As %String)
method GetOriginalQueryInfo() as %List
method Init(pPageSize As %Integer)
method IsDeletedGet() as %String
method KeyGet() as %String
method LastUsedGet()
method MPIIDGet() as %String
method MarkAsDeleted()
method MatchCountGet()
method ModeGet() as %String
method NextUndeleted() as %Boolean
method PageSizeGet()
method Paginate(pPageSize As %Integer = "", pUsername As %String = "", pPathAndQuery As %String = "") as %Integer
classmethod PurgeCachedResults(pMinutesToKeep As %Integer = 60) as %Status
@APIMethod Used to purge expired search results based on the last time they were interacted with e.g. needed to be re-initialized (paging does this)
method QueryIdGet()
method ReferredToByGet() as %List
method Reinit(pQueryId As %String)
method ResourceIdGet() as %String
method ResourceJsonGet() as %DynamicObject
method ResourceStringGet() as %String
method ResourceTypeGet() as %String
classmethod Restore(pQueryId As %String) as HS.FHIRServer.Util.SearchResult
method Save() as %String
method SetIteratorToPage(pageNum As %Integer)
method SetReferredToBy(idList As %List)
method TotalUndeletedGet()
method VerbGet() as %String
method VersionIdGet() as %String

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