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class Ens.BPL.Process extends Ens.BPL.Node

This class defines the business process. It names the types of the request and response messages as well as specifying the context and the sequence of activities that the business process will perform.

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property Annotation as %String;
Process level annotation
Property methods: AnnotationDisplayToLogical(), AnnotationGet(), AnnotationIsValid(), AnnotationLogicalToDisplay(), AnnotationLogicalToOdbc(), AnnotationNormalize(), AnnotationSet()
property Component as %Boolean [ InitialExpression = 0 ];
This holds the component indicator
Property methods: ComponentDisplayToLogical(), ComponentGet(), ComponentIsValid(), ComponentLogicalToDisplay(), ComponentNormalize(), ComponentSet()
property Context as Ens.BPL.Context;
This holds the (optional) context
Property methods: ContextGet(), ContextGetSwizzled(), ContextIsValid(), ContextNewObject(), ContextSet()
property ContextSuperClass as %String;
This holds the [ optional ] name of the context superclass
Property methods: ContextSuperClassDisplayToLogical(), ContextSuperClassGet(), ContextSuperClassIsValid(), ContextSuperClassLogicalToDisplay(), ContextSuperClassLogicalToOdbc(), ContextSuperClassNormalize(), ContextSuperClassSet()
property DerivedVersion;
This holds the calculated version (when applicable)
Property methods: DerivedVersionDisplayToLogical(), DerivedVersionGet(), DerivedVersionIsValid(), DerivedVersionLogicalToDisplay(), DerivedVersionLogicalToOdbc(), DerivedVersionNormalize(), DerivedVersionSet()
property Height as %Integer;
This holds the Height of the gui representation of this node
Property methods: HeightDisplayToLogical(), HeightGet(), HeightIsValid(), HeightLogicalToDisplay(), HeightNormalize(), HeightSet()
property Includes as %String;
This holds the optional list of includes for macro use in code blocks
Property methods: IncludesDisplayToLogical(), IncludesGet(), IncludesIsValid(), IncludesLogicalToDisplay(), IncludesLogicalToOdbc(), IncludesNormalize(), IncludesSet()
property Language as %String [ InitialExpression = $$$objectscript ];
This holds the language of the class
Property methods: LanguageDisplayToLogical(), LanguageGet(), LanguageIsValid(), LanguageLogicalToDisplay(), LanguageLogicalToOdbc(), LanguageNormalize(), LanguageSet()
property Layout as %String (VALUELIST = ",automatic,manual");
This holds the layout flag for the diagram.
This is only used by the BPL editor
Property methods: LayoutDisplayToLogical(), LayoutGet(), LayoutIsValid(), LayoutLogicalToDisplay(), LayoutLogicalToOdbc(), LayoutNormalize(), LayoutSet()
property Package as %String;
This holds the name of the package for class generation
Property methods: PackageDisplayToLogical(), PackageGet(), PackageIsValid(), PackageLogicalToDisplay(), PackageLogicalToOdbc(), PackageNormalize(), PackageSet()
property PyFromImport as %String;
This holds optional list of Python "from" and "import" statements supporting modules available to each Python sub-context.
Property methods: PyFromImportDisplayToLogical(), PyFromImportGet(), PyFromImportIsValid(), PyFromImportLogicalToDisplay(), PyFromImportLogicalToOdbc(), PyFromImportNormalize(), PyFromImportSet()
property Request as %String [ Required ];
This holds the type of the input message
Property methods: RequestDisplayToLogical(), RequestGet(), RequestIsValid(), RequestLogicalToDisplay(), RequestLogicalToOdbc(), RequestNormalize(), RequestSet()
property Response as %String [ Required ];
This holds the type of the output message
Property methods: ResponseDisplayToLogical(), ResponseGet(), ResponseIsValid(), ResponseLogicalToDisplay(), ResponseLogicalToOdbc(), ResponseNormalize(), ResponseSet()
property Sequence as Ens.BPL.Sequence [ Required ];
This holds the list of activities that the process will perform
Property methods: SequenceGet(), SequenceGetSwizzled(), SequenceIsValid(), SequenceNewObject(), SequenceSet()
property Version as %Integer;
This holds the mandatory version
Property methods: VersionDisplayToLogical(), VersionGet(), VersionIsValid(), VersionLogicalToDisplay(), VersionNormalize(), VersionSet()
property Width as %Integer;
This holds the Width of the gui representation of this node
Property methods: WidthDisplayToLogical(), WidthGet(), WidthIsValid(), WidthLogicalToDisplay(), WidthNormalize(), WidthSet()


method DisplayName() as %String
Provide a user readable string which names the activity
method GenerateCode(pCompiler As Ens.BPL.Compiler) as %Status
method GenerateXML(pStream As %BinaryStream) as %Status
method GetVersion(ByRef pVersion As %Integer) as %Status
method Validate(ByRef pStatus As %Status, pContext As Ens.BPL.ValidationContext) as %Status
Perform a sanity check on the nodes in the parse tree

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