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abstract class HS.FHIR.DTL.Util.API.LookupTable

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classmethod EditLookupTable(pNamespace As %String = "")
This method provides a series of Terminal-based prompts to facilitate updating the value lookup tables for the SDA3 to FHIR STU3 and FHIR STU3 to SDA3 transformations.
  • Imports the appropriate Lookup.json file into an object.
  • Prompts for an item to update and for the new value.
  • Saves the update to the object.
  • Outputs the object to the custom version of the Lookup.json file.
  • Imports the Lookup.json file into the appropriate global.
  • classmethod ExportObjectToLookupJSON(pDynObj As %Library.DynamicObject, pNamespace As %String = "") as %Status
    API Method Export the contents of the specified Lookup %DynamicObject to the custom version of the Lookup.json file.
    classmethod ImportLookupJSONToGlobal(pNamespace As %String = "") as %Status
    API Method This method populates the ^HS.XF.LookupTable global from the Lookup.json file. If durabledirectory/dev/fhir/lookup/custom/namespace/Lookup.json exists, then it is used. Otherwise, installdirectory/dev/fhir/lookup/Lookup.json is used.
    classmethod ImportLookupJSONToObject(pFileName As %String, ByRef pDynObj As %Library.DynamicObject) as %Status
    API Method Import the specified Lookup JSON file into a %DynamicObject and return the object.
    classmethod UpdateLookupObjectItem(pDynObj As %Library.DynamicObject, pSourceSchema As %String, pTargetSchema As %String, pSourceValueSet As %String, pTargetValueSet As %String, pSourceValue As %String, pTargetValue As %String = "", pDeleteItem As %Boolean = 0)
    API Method Add, update or delete an item in the specified Lookup %DynamicObject, given the source schema ("SDA3", "vSTU3"), target schema ("SDA3", "vSTU3", "vDSTU2"), the source value set, the target value set, the source value, and, if applicable, the target value. Specify 1 for the pDelete parameter if you want to delete the the specified entry.
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