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class HS.FHIR.DTL.Util.Element.Object

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classmethod CodeableConcept(code As %String, description As %String = "", system As %String = "", text As %String = "") as HS.FHIR.DTL.vR4.Model.Datatype.CodeableConcept
classmethod Defined(source As %RegisteredObject, element As %String) as %Boolean
Used to determine if an SDA3 property is defined (not empty) without inspecting it, which would cause it to be instantiated. source - The object containing the element in question. element - The name of the element that is to be checked within the source object.
classmethod FromStream(source As %Stream.Object) as %String
This method is used when going between a Stream object and a base64Binary element in FHIR.
classmethod Identifier(value As %String, system As %String = "", typeCode As %String = "", typeDescription As %String = "", typeSystem As %String = "", typeText As %String = "", use As %String = "") as HS.FHIR.DTL.vR4.Model.Datatype.Identifier
classmethod StringToIdentifier(source As %String, propertyName As %String) as %RegisteredObject
Convert a string to a FHIR Identifier object. source - The string to be put in the Identifier value. propertyName - The property name that can be used to classify the identifier type. Will be saved in the Identifier:type.text.
classmethod ToStream(source As %String) as %Stream.Object
This method is used when going between a base64Binary element in FHIR and a Stream object.
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