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class HS.FHIRServer.Config.FHIRLogHandler extends %CSP.REST

Method Inventory


parameter defaultBatchSize = 500;


classmethod ClearDataRequest() as %Status
classmethod ClearLog()
classmethod GetDataRequest() as %Status
This method returns a batch of rows, bounded by first Argument from (optional): the first row to be displayed Argument to (optional): the last row to be displayed Argument batch (optional): the batch size First and last row settings have priority over batch size. If only batch is specified, will return the latest available rows. If no argument is specified, will return all rows.
classmethod GetEnabledChannels() as %List
Return the list of enabled channels
classmethod GetEnabledChannelsJson() as %DynamicObject
Return the list of enabled channels
classmethod GetLastClear() as %String
classmethod GetLogCount() as %Integer
classmethod GetLogData(ByRef firstRow As %Integer, lastRow As %Integer) as %DynamicObject
classmethod SetChannelsRequest() as %Status
classmethod SetEnabledChannels(disableList As %List, enableList As %List)
classmethod writeJsonResponse(json As %DynamicObject) as %Status

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