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class HS.FHIRServer.Storage.BuiltInOperations extends HS.FHIRServer.API.OperationHandler, HS.FHIRServer.Storage.BuiltIn.Everything, HS.FHIRServer.Storage.BuiltIn.Validate, HS.FHIRServer.Storage.BuiltIn.Lastn

This class provides implementations of $everything and $validate (To be updated). This class may be extended to add implementations of other operations as desired. To add support for an implementation, create a subclass of this class and add one or more "gateway" methods for each supported operation. A "gateway" method is given a name that describes both the name of the operation and the scope that is valid. The method name must be in the form:
where ScopeDescriptor is one of: System, Type, or Instance reflecting the form of the request:
System: /$operation
Type /ResourceType/$operation
Instance: /ResourceType/ResourceId/$operation
for example the $everything operation is implemented through a method named FHIRInstanceOpEverything
The signature of a "gateway method is:"
ClassMethod FHIRInstanceOpEverything(pService As HS.FHIRServer.API.Service, pRequest As HS.FHIRServer.API.Data.Request, pResponse As HS.FHIRServer.API.Data.Response)

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classmethod AddSupportedOperations(pMap As %DynamicObject)
@API Enumerate the name and url of each Operation supported by this class

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