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class Ens.Util.XML.Validator extends %XML.SAX.ContentHandler

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property Errors as list of %String;
This holds any error messages from validation of the XML document
Property methods: ErrorsBuildValueArray(), ErrorsCollectionToDisplay(), ErrorsCollectionToOdbc(), ErrorsDisplayToCollection(), ErrorsDisplayToLogical(), ErrorsGet(), ErrorsGetObject(), ErrorsGetObjectId(), ErrorsGetSwizzled(), ErrorsIsValid(), ErrorsLogicalToDisplay(), ErrorsLogicalToOdbc(), ErrorsNormalize(), ErrorsOdbcToCollection(), ErrorsSet(), ErrorsSetObject(), ErrorsSetObjectId()


classmethod ValidateFile(pTargetFile As %String, pSchemaSpec As %String = "") as %Status
This method takes the file/path name of the XML file to be validated and an [optional] schema spec of the XML schema(s) to be used to validate the document.
classmethod ValidateStream(pTargetStream As %BinaryStream, pResolver As Ens.Util.XML.Resolver, pSchemaSpec As %String = "") as %Status
This method takes a stream of XML to be validated, an entity resolver and an [optional] schema spec to be used to validate the document.
method error(error As %Library.String)
Receive notification of a recoverable parser error.
method fatalError(fatalerror As %Library.String)
Report a fatal XML parsing error.
method warning(warning As %Library.String)
Receive notification of a parser warning.

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