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class EnsPortal.SVG.BPLCanvas extends EnsPortal.SVG.templatePage

Business Process SVG Page
This page renders the SVG needed to host the BPL designer.

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parameter DOMAIN = Ensemble;
Use our own domain for localization
parameter JSINCLUDES = ensbplzen.js;
Comma-delimited list of additional .js files.
parameter RESOURCE = %Ens_Code:READ,%Ens_BPL:READ;
User needs READ permissions on either the %Ens_Code or the %Ens_BPL resource to view this page.


property bpName as %String (ZENURL = "BP");
Business process name.
Property methods: bpNameDisplayToLogical(), bpNameGet(), bpNameIsValid(), bpNameLogicalToDisplay(), bpNameLogicalToOdbc(), bpNameNormalize(), bpNameSet()


classmethod %OnDrawSVGDef() as %Status
Callback method called when drawing the SVG defs for this page.
method %OnDrawSVGPage() as %Status
Inherited description: Callback method. If defined, this provides a way for a subclass to add static SVG content to the svgPage.
classmethod %OnDrawStyleSVG() as %Status
Callback method called when drawing the SVG CSS style for this page.
method DrawBPLCanvas() as %Status
Draw the canvas for the BPL editor.
classmethod EscapeJSKeepLF(s As %String) as %String
Escape JS avoiding double-escaping to \n
clientmethod onSVGLoad() [ Language = javascript ]
Inherited description: This method is called when this svgPage is loaded.
clientmethod setMenuItemOption(pOption, pItemId, pSubMenuId, value) [ Language = javascript ]
set the option for the given menu item
clientmethod setZoom(zoom) [ Language = javascript ]
Set the zoom level

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