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class EnsPortal.SVG.MessageTrace extends %ZEN.SVGComponent.svgPage

Visual Trace SVG Page
This page renders the SVG needed to display a visual trace.

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parameter CACHETIMEOUT = 5;
Number of seconds that the cached Trace Temp File is valid.
parameter DOMAIN = Ensemble;
Use our own domain for localization
parameter EVENTSMAXROWS = 1000;
Maximum number of event log entries to be scanned to look for events
parameter EVENTSWINDOW = 30;
Additional time in seconds after processed time of last message in trace to scan for events
parameter INCLUDEEVENTS = 1;
Enable inclusion of Event Log entries
parameter INCLUDEIOLOG = 1;
Include IOLog Entries in display
parameter MSGPERPAGE = 100;
Number of messages displayed on a page
parameter RESOURCE = %Ens_MessageTrace;
User needs USE privilege on the %Ens_MessageTrace resource to view this page.
Enable display of internal messages and related events


property currPage as %String (ZENURL = "PAGE");
Curr page of trace
Property methods: currPageDisplayToLogical(), currPageGet(), currPageIsValid(), currPageLogicalToDisplay(), currPageLogicalToOdbc(), currPageNormalize(), currPageSet()
property endId as %String (ZENURL = "ENDID");
End Id for trace
Property methods: endIdDisplayToLogical(), endIdGet(), endIdIsValid(), endIdLogicalToDisplay(), endIdLogicalToOdbc(), endIdNormalize(), endIdSet()
property endTime as %String (ZENURL = "ENDTIME");
End time for trace
Property methods: endTimeDisplayToLogical(), endTimeGet(), endTimeIsValid(), endTimeLogicalToDisplay(), endTimeLogicalToOdbc(), endTimeNormalize(), endTimeSet()
property sessionId as %String (ZENURL = "SESSIONID");
Session to trace
Property methods: sessionIdDisplayToLogical(), sessionIdGet(), sessionIdIsValid(), sessionIdLogicalToDisplay(), sessionIdLogicalToOdbc(), sessionIdNormalize(), sessionIdSet()
property startId as %String (ZENURL = "STARTID");
Start Id for trace
Property methods: startIdDisplayToLogical(), startIdGet(), startIdIsValid(), startIdLogicalToDisplay(), startIdLogicalToOdbc(), startIdNormalize(), startIdSet()
property startTime as %String (ZENURL = "STARTTIME");
Start time for trace
Property methods: startTimeDisplayToLogical(), startTimeGet(), startTimeIsValid(), startTimeLogicalToDisplay(), startTimeLogicalToOdbc(), startTimeNormalize(), startTimeSet()


classmethod %OnDrawSVGDef() as %Status
Callback method called when drawing the SVG defs for this page.
method %OnDrawSVGPage() as %Status
Inherited description: Callback method. If defined, this provides a way for a subclass to add static SVG content to the svgPage.
classmethod %OnDrawStyleSVG() as %Status
Callback method called when drawing the SVG CSS style for this page.
classmethod ArrayOfInternalItems(Output v As %String)
classmethod BuildTraceInfo(sessionId As %String = "", currPage As %String = "1") as %String
Construct arrays containing the trace info for this message session:
^IRIS.TempMsgTrace(%session.SessionId) contains info about each message.
cls contains info about the Business classes used.
This method returns the number of items (messages / events/ IOLog entries), the number of rows, the number of columns.
classmethod ClearTraceData()
method DrawMessageTrace() as %Status
Draw the SVG message trace
classmethod EventsMaxRows()
classmethod EventsWindow()
classmethod IncludeEvents()
classmethod IncludeIOLogEntries()
classmethod ShowInternalItems()
clientmethod clickACK(evt, ackClassname, ackId, ackRectId) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod clickCanvas(evt) [ Language = javascript ]
Mouse click on canvas
clientmethod clickEvent(evt, eventId) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod clickHost(evt) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod clickIOEntry(evt, ioLogId, ioRectId) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod clickMsg(evt, back) [ Language = javascript ]
Mouse click on message
clientmethod onSVGLoad() [ Language = javascript ]
Inherited description: This method is called when this svgPage is loaded.
clientmethod selectHost(id) [ Language = javascript ]
Select a host (to hilite)
clientmethod selectItem(id, back) [ Language = javascript ]
Select a new item
clientmethod selectOtherItem(itemId) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod setMenuItemOption(pOption, pItemId, pSubMenuId, value) [ Language = javascript ]
set the option for the given menu item
clientmethod setZoom(zoom) [ Language = javascript ]
Set the zoom level
clientmethod showDetailsBox(itemNo) [ Language = javascript ]
clientmethod showLegend() [ Language = javascript ]
Called from context menu - Show legend window
clientmethod showMsgContents() [ Language = javascript ]
Called from context menu
clientmethod showMsgDetails() [ Language = javascript ]
Called from context menu

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