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Ensemble 2016.2
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New Features in Ensemble 2016.2
Ensemble 2016.2 provides minor feature and efficiency improvements. These include the following:
Compatibility Issues for Upgrades to Ensemble 2016.2
The following changes in this release may affect the operation of your existing system. Review these following issues before upgrading a previous instance of Ensemble.
Production Status Hover Tip May Be Stale
The Production Configuration page checks the status of the production and tests if any component needs updating. These checks temporarily lock the production’s runtime data. In this release, we have improved efficiency by minimizing the locks. A consequence of this change is that the hover text indicating that a production needs updating may be out of date and not reflect the current state. If you select the Update button, the data is refreshed and the update uses the current data.
IsEnsembleNamespace Method Returns Information About Specified Namespace
In this release, the ##class(%Library.EnsembleMgr).IsEnsembleNamespace() method takes a parameter and returns whether the specified namespace is enabled for Ensemble. In previous releases, this method always returned the status of the current namespace. If you have code that specifies a parameter, in previous releases, it would have ignored the parameter and returned the status of the current namespace. In this release, it returns the status of the specified namespace. If no parameter is specified, the behavior is unchanged; the method returns the status of the current namespace.
If the user does not have access to the specified namespace, this method always returns 0.
Efficiency Improvements Changed VDoc XSD Schema Structure
This release improves the efficiency of storing XSD by eliminating unneeded data. This can also substantially reduce the amount of data that needs to be journaled. These internal structures should only be accessed by InterSystems internal code. If you have written code that directly accesses these structures, you should modify it to use the public APIs.
If a large schema is re-imported, it is possible that large journal records will be produced as the unnecessary schema data is removed.
Ensemble Editors Now Respect Source Control Readonly Property
Although the Ensemble editors, such as the DTL and BPL editors, supported source control systems, they did not prevent you from editing files that were not checked out in the source control system. Although Ensemble would allow you to edit the file, you would not be able to check in your changes. In this release, if source control is enabled for a definition, Ensemble will only allow you to edit the file if you have checked it out and the source control system provides write access.
To make the document editable, check it out and then refresh the page. If you wish to edit a definition that is not checked out, change the name by doing a save as. In the Record Mapper and Complex Record Mapper, you can accomplish this by modifying the RecordMap or Complex RecordMap name before saving.
The Ensemble editors are:
Ensemble X12 Business Service Limits 999 Implementation Acknowledgement to Allowed Transaction Set Codes
In this release the X12 Business Service generates a 999 implementation acknowledgement only for only for HIPAA_5010 (or later versions) batch transactions that define it as a valid reply. In previous releases, the 999 implementation acknowledgement was returned for other transaction sets. In previous releases, the X12 Business Service also returned a 999 implementation acknowledgement for other HIPAA_5010 transaction sets.
X12 Business Services will now construct 999 responses only for X12 batch transactions which have one of the following as their Industry Identifier Code (associated Transaction Set Identifier Codes indicated in parentheses):
If you have code that expects the 999 implementation acknowledgement for other transaction sets, you can either modify this code or overide the OnConstructReply() method to revert the X12 Business Service to the previous behavior.

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