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Ensemble 2017.1
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New Features in Ensemble 2017.1
Ensemble provides minor feature and efficiency improvements. These include the following:
Compatibility Issues for Upgrades to Ensemble 2017.1
The following changes in this release may affect the operation of your existing system. Review these following issues before upgrading a previous instance of Ensemble.
Business Process Lock Changes
In this release we have improved handling locks in business processes that are coded to allow multiple asynchronous responses. In previous releases, if a part of the business process exceeded the system lock timeout, the asynchronous response could be discarded. In this release, instead of discarding the response, Ensemble requeues the response to the business process.
XML VDoc Handling of Missing Values Changes
In previous releases, transformations could insert an empty string value in the target where the property in the source was missing. In this release the value in the target is missing and not the empty string. If your transformation relies on the missing value in the target, you can explicitly set the target property to an empty string.
XML VDoc Child of Repeating Parent Changes
In previous releases, if the XSD schema defined a repeating parent that contained a repeating child and there was only a single child element in the XML document, the VDoc could define the child as a member of the repeating parent. This prevents you from accessing any child element other than the first. In this release, XML VDoc correctly parses the repeating element. If you have written code to explicitly handle the previous structure, you should modify your code to handle the corrected structure.
Ensemble Java Gateway Defaults to JDK 1.8
In previous versions, the Ensemble Java Gateway defaulted to JDK 1.7, but in this release it defaults to JDK 1.8. If you need to continue using JDK 1.7, specify that version in the Java Gateway settings.
Ensemble DotNet and Java Gateways Support Validated Connections
In this release, you can start the Ensemble Java and DotNet gateways and require passphrases. There are also changes to specifying the address for the gateway and starting the gateway for use by another system. See Java and Gateway Changes for 2017.1 in the Caché Recent Upgrade Checklists for details.
Search Tables Now Handle Vertical Bars
In previous releases, Ensemble did not allow a vertical bar (|) in any of values indexed by a search table, because double and single vertical bars both interfered with Ensemble internals.
In this release, this limitation has been removed, and any vertical bar is replaced by a plus sign when the data is indexed. Recompile any search table classes to enable them to index new data correctly. Note that this has no effect on the existing contents of the search tables. Also, search for a plus sign rather than a vertical bar, when you use the search table. For example, to search for a message that contains my|string, use my+string.

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