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Release and Upgrade Information for Ensemble 2008.1

New Features in Ensemble 2008.1

Ensemble 2008.1 introduced the following new features:

  • MultiValue

  • ASTM E 1394–97 Support

  • Caché 2008.1 Features

Ensemble 2008.1 provided enhancements to the following features:

  • HL7 Segment Architecture Changes

  • DTL <subtransform> Element

  • Publish and Subscribe Messaging

  • HL7 Sequence Manager

  • Ensemble Archive Manager

  • Ensemble Lookup Settings

  • Ensemble System Monitor

  • HL7 Version 2 Message Routing

  • X12 Message Routing

  • Ensemble Monitoring Using WMI

  • Ensemble Diagnostic Report

  • Ensemble Management Portal Style

  • Time Stamp Specifiers

Compatibility Issues for Upgrades to Ensemble 2008.1

The following changes in the 2008.1 release may affect the operation of your existing system. Review the following issues before upgrading a previous instance of Ensemble:

Also review the Caché Release Note and Upgrade Checklist.

DTL Validation Errors

In Ensemble 2008.1 and later, including this release, DTL validation is more strict than in the past. As a result, if a DTL code block contains an <assign> element with value='' and any of the following action values:


The code fails to compile, because a non-empty value is mandatory in these cases. Upon upgrade from a previous version to Ensemble 2008.1 and later, errors appear when user classes are recompiled. The error message is:

ERROR <Ens>ErrDTLNodeValidation: 'value' must NOT be empty string for action 'Assign'

If you have any DTL <assign> elements with value='' you must change this text to:


This convention adds a pair of double quotes to indicate the null string.

AllowSessions Setting Removed from EnsLib.SOAP.Service

In the 2008.1 Ensemble release, the AllowSessions setting was removed from the EnsLib.SOAP.ServiceOpens in a new tab class. It is no longer configurable; instead, you must choose whether the service should use CSP/SOAP sessions at compile time using the SOAPSESSION class parameter. The default for the parameter is now SOAPSESSION = 0.

If your subclass of EnsLib.SOAP.Service relies on the AllowSessions setting to control session behavior, you must rewrite it to use the SOAPSESSION class parameter. If you are using sessions you must override it to SOAPSESSION = 1. If you do not use sessions, do not override the SOAPSESSION class parameter; you can rely on the default setting.

See “Enabling SOAP Sessions” in the chapter “Creating an Ensemble Web Service” in Creating Web Services and Web Clients with Ensemble.

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