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Release and Upgrade Information for Ensemble 2008.2

New Features in Ensemble 2008.2

Ensemble 2008.2 introduced the following new features:

  • Digital Signatures and WS-Security

  • Ensemble Recovery and Auto-Start

  • Caché 2008.2 Features

Ensemble 2008.2 provided enhancements to the following features:

  • Licenses and Jobs

  • BPL <xpath> Element

  • Production-Wide Settings

  • Support for Rule Notification

  • Default Security Settings for Ensemble CSP Applications

  • Revised Error Logging and Handling

  • Refinements to ACK and NACK Message Handling

  • HTTP Options on HL7 Wizard Pages

  • Forced Shutdown Option

  • Abort All on Queue Contents Page

  • Ensemble Monitoring Using SNMP

  • Archive Manager Improvements

  • Lookup Table Improvements

  • Sequence Manager Improvements

Compatibility Issues for Upgrades to Ensemble 2008.2

Review the Caché Release Note and Upgrade Checklist.

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