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Legacy Documentation

InterSystems maintains an archive of some material from previous Caché releases ( in a new tab). This archive provides a repository for legacy documentation content that either is deprecated or has been superseded. The archive consists of a set of PDF files. You can download them from the InterSystems Web site by clicking the links in this chapter.

When using material from the archive, keep the following points in mind:

  • The selections available in the archive result from frequent past requests for certain information. Items can be added or removed without notice.

  • This material is offered on an “as is” basis. Beyond making the material accessible online, no other editing of the text has occurred.

  • InterSystems offers no assurances regarding the completeness or accuracy of the archive, its coverage, or currency; and none should be inferred.

  • If the archive content conflicts with current documentation, it is likely that the archive content is outdated and describes functionality that has been updated or superseded.

The current archive contents are:

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