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Printing the Documentation

You can print any InterSystems PDF file while you are viewing it in Adobe Reader. However, to produce a useful paper document, with page numbers and headings arranged for easy skimming and information retrieval, InterSystems recommends the following procedure.

Print Options

To print and bind the PDF version of an InterSystems document, follow these steps:

  1. Select a PDF file and copy it from the installation media to a local drive.

  2. Send the PDF file to your administrative support team, or use a professional printing office. The cost for printing and binding as described in these instructions is usually quite reasonable, so InterSystems recommends using a professional print vendor. Most such vendors have a Web interface that allows you to upload your PDF file and specify where to deliver the paper document.

  3. The person who prints and binds your document must choose among several options at each manufacturing step. The following table provides recommendations. The language used in this table is general and might vary slightly depending on the vendor.

Many print vendors are willing to bind a document that you have already printed yourself. You can output the printed pages using your own printer, then bring the pages to a print vendor for the cutting and binding. Doing this can save the apparent cost of the book, although you should check with your facility manager to see if the savings is real. The quality of the result in this case will depend on the quality of the printing machines at your office.

Choice Recommendation
Page count While viewing the PDF file in Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat, look for the total page count in the display.
Page range Include all pages in the print job.
Double or single Choose double-sided (duplex) printing if possible.
Ink color You can print the books in color or in black-and-white.
Quality Select the highest quality available (not “draft”).
Resolution Choose 600 dots per inch (dpi) or more.
Paper size

Book pages are designed to be 8.25 inches wide and 11 inches high, as seen on screen. This size will fit on A4 or letter-size paper.

When printing the books in your office, while viewing the book in Adobe Acrobat, choose File, then Print. The Print dialog displays. Enable (check) Auto-rotate and center pages. Disable (uncheck) Expand small pages to paper size. Then you can print the book.

When printing with a vendor, find the space marked Special Instructions or Additional Comments on their print request form. Provide a note: “Image size is smaller than paper size. DO NOT expand image to fit page. DO auto-rotate and center pages.”

Paper type For black-and-white, choose a standard white paper. Some print vendors require high-quality laser paper for color; this affects cost, so check before you run the job.
Binding Choose any type of binding you prefer: 3-ring, color coil, plastic comb, or other. Stapling is not suitable for these documents.
Covers Many vendors offer a choice of cover colors and styles.

It should not be necessary to cut the paper after printing.

Sample Print Request

The following is a typical print request for an InterSystems document.

Choice Sample Entry
File name GCOS.pdf
Page count 716
Double or single Double
Ink color Black-and-white
Covers None
Paper size U.S. Letter
Paper type Standard
Binding 3–ring, or 3–hole punch
Special instructions Image size is smaller than paper size. DO NOT expand image to fit page. DO auto-rotate and center pages.
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